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Upholstery and Wood Creations specializes in complete reconditioning, refinishing and upholstery of all types of furniture. Our clients include Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Healthcare, Transportation Companies, Interior Designers and more.

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Going "Green" is quickly becoming a lifestyle. "We cover and Restore Your World". Refinish, Recycle, Restore, Reuse. That's the UWC way.


We make sure the lifecycle of our creations benefit the environment in a beautiful and eco-friendly manner. For example we use Resin Pour technology. Resin furniture is made out of petroleum products. But, unlike the other kinds of furniture, it’s easiest to recycle. Recyclers just run old resin furniture through a shredder, and the resin is ready to be used, over and over again. Since the color goes clear through resin furniture, it doesn’t have to be re-painted, which makes it much easier to recycle. This is one of the ways we keep moving forward without jeopardizing  principles.


Our staff is experienced and equipped to handle your project effectively and professionally while providing "Green" solutions for your upholstery needs. You will receive undivided attention to detail and unsurpassed customer support.





"Going Green" with Quality Standards


“Going Green” is no longer a catch-phrase, but a world wide effort to preserve our natural resources and make better use of all materials used on a day-to-day basis. The greater effect is a healthier environment for the coming years instead of the constant deterioration we've seen over the past 30 + years. This effort has spawned many great ideas for post-consumer use of product materials we use each day. Although environmentally conscious, we all still feel the desire to use the same products. The need to recycle as much as possible has led to manufacturers spear-heading the green effort.


One example of this is with outdoor furniture. Manufacturers of what is called Polymer Resin have essentially immolated two birds with one stone. By using discarded plastic such as milk and detergent bottles, they create HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or generally called Polymer Resin. The feature application of Polymer Resin is an alternative to traditional wood or plastic outdoor furniture. Whereas traditional outdoor furniture has so many “CONS”, the use of Polymer Resin virtually eliminates those worries and headaches at the same time producing a finished product that contains 90% of recycled plastic, in which that product is 100% recyclable.


Is Polymer Resin furniture really better?


I know that there is always a few of us who are skeptic when hearing about some great new product, but Polymer Resin is not so new and it is a great product as opposed to traditional wood and plastic in this specific application. Judge for yourself as we go down the proverbial list of CONS for traditional outdoor furniture.


1. Too light, so it's blown away by the slightest gust of wind. Polymer Resin's sturdy, durable construction keeps the furniture weighted down in windy conditions. Each piece averages 30-50lbs so it is still light enough to be moved and arranged frequently. 2. Color fades, so you constantly have to paint, refinish or buy new furniture. The color is blended in before the curing process, so it is fade-resistant. 3. Too volatile, so it can't withstand all-weather conditions. Polymer Resin doesn't absorb moisture so it won't crack, warp, rot or splinter and has an exceptional resistance to corrosive substances. 4. Weak structure, so it does not comfortably support the average-size person. The solid construction not only provides sturdy support, but allows maximum comfort.

Frazee Inc. recommends the services of Upholstery & wood Creations. They pay very close attention to detail and are very committed to every project they handle.


They have represented numerous projects with Frazee Inc. over the past several years, and it is our pleasure to say UWC is a professional and quality company that has surpased ours and our clients expectations. They have earned our loyalty."

Please accept our sincere appreciation for the exemplary customer support we received from you and your outstanding staff. We are pleased with every aspect of service Upholstery & Wood Creations has provided to us. Your responsiveness and the way you conduct business is the hallmark of an outstanding company. We will proudly recommend your company to our business contacts because of our satisfaction and the attention to detail of the UWC employees. They professionally completed our project exactly as requested and 100% on schedule.

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